University of Wyoming Fall Semester Dean’s and Dean’s Freshman Honor Rolls: Sweetwater County

Feb. 3, 2018 — The University of Wyoming lists 77 students from Sweetwater County on the 2017 fall semester academic Dean’s and Dean’s Freshman Honor Rolls.

The honor rolls consist of regularly enrolled undergraduates above freshman standing who earned a 3.4 or better grade-point average, and freshmen who have earned a 3.25 or better grade-point average.


To be eligible, students must have been enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours taken for letter grades.

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Students are:

Gage Allen Clawson

Kyle A. Sabourin

Trilby Maxine Applequist
Chelsey Kay Sleight

Green River          
Elizabeth Naomi Barker
Brendan Bloomquist
Leigha C. Braden
Averee R. Cobb
Kyler Jaylin Cochrane
Taylor L. Draney
Tyson Eric Erickson
Jesse Ken Evans
Logan S. Fox
Alan Jack Halverson
William J. Harvey
Shannon A. Hlad
Vabsi B. Ibarra
Taten Hall Knight
Colter L. Kofoed
Spencer J. Kurth
Breanna M. Leinen
Kendra F. Lewis
Alexander Jacques Marchal
Riley Mckenzie
Andrew J. Mikesell
Alexis P. Mitchell
Brianna M. Rath
Francheska MarDean Riley
Neiz Alondra Rocha Olivas
Christian T. Smith
Kasey S. Turnbull
Michael A. Wilde
Frederick Nathaniel Wittman
Ezequiel A. Zarate-Garcia
Elliot S. Zimmerman

Mikayla Lisa Peterson

Rock Springs         
Cody Michael Anderson
Jordan P. Blazovich
Kairee Anne Blazovich
Nicholas Michael Blume
Clay Donald Coleman
Adam James Dewey
Brianna Alexa Diaz
Edison Z. Elder
Jaco Colton Fornengo
Jesse Robert Gray
Presleigh A. Hayashida
Mark Hazelett
Claudia Vanessa Hernandez Marquez
Kelci Jo Howe
Garrett Remington James
Keeri A. Klein
Zachary Allen Koritnik
Koltin Lane Legerski
Anthony R. Lew
Megan Lee Lord
Paige Moore
Alexandra Gene Newman
Emilie Rachell O’Lexey
Scott Robert Phillips
Kristin M. Pomrenke
Holly Marie Provence
Shelby Lynne Ransom
Richelle Rawlings-Carroll
Hayden L. Searle
Alexandra Kassidy Shannon
Rylee C. Smith
Kaycee L. Stevenson
Jonathon Michael Tacke
Tazin D. Tribitt
Nicholas Drake Vliek
Dalton James Vonrembow
Joshua Alexander Wilbert
Tyler Clay Wilkinson
Kyler J. Yerkovich
Bailey Young

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