University Of Wyoming Works Closely With Bureau Of Land Management To Conduct Wild Horse Study

Students and faculty from the University of Wyoming’s Ecosystem Science Management Program are working in close partnership with members from the Bureau of Land Management to conduct a wild horse management study in the Adobe Town herd management area just east of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The study has taken three years to get going and was made possible through grant money from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, the University of Wyoming, and the BLM.

Using advanced radio collars, the study will take up to two years, allowing researchers from both the BLM and the University of Wyoming to determine such things as movement of the horses, feed in which the horses prefer, whether or not the horses cross state borders, the habitats preferred, as well as other information.

The welfare of the horses is first on the minds of the researchers. The study uses only mares of five years of age and older. This ensures the collar will not become too small for the horses. As well as the hire of a highly trained wrangler and his team who take every safety precaution to trap the horses in large corrals, safely transport, little handling to attach the collars inside of a chute, and quick, timely release of the horses ensures the well-being of the horses is number one. In the instance a collared horse is to get caught on something while wearing the collar, a signal is sent to the researchers phone and they are remotely able to disconnect the collar freeing the horse.

If you have any questions about the research or about what data will be collected, feel free to contact BLM Public Affairs Officer Tony Brown at



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