Wolves Crown Three Individual Champions at Wrestling Regionals

The Green River Wolves had three individual champions but Casper Natrona ended up winning the team title at the 4A West Regional Wrestling Tournament in Green River.

The Mustangs tallied 214.5 points to the Wolves 206.5 points.  Rock Springs, the first day leader, ended up in third place with 181 points.  Casper Kelly Walsh was fourth with 159 points followed by Evanston with 151.5 and Jackson with 51 points.


(Gage Byers (GR) in white  defeated Ashton Dupape (RS) for 120 pound title)

(Jordan Tucker (GR) in white defeated John Nowland (RS) for the 220 pound title)

Green River individual champions were Justin Flores (113), Gage Byers (126 and Jordan Tucker (220).  Rock Springs did not have an individual champion.

Here are the Wolves and Tigers who placed in the top four of their weight class:

106 – Cyro Montoya (GR) 2nd

113 – Justin Flores (GR) 1st, Trevor Metcalf (RS) 3rd

120 – Cameron Metcalf (RS) 2nd

126 – Gage Beyers (GR) 1st, Ashton Dupape (RS) 2nd, Cole Seymore (RS) 3rd

132 – RJ Stassinos (RS) 3rd. Chase Peppers (RS) 4th

138 – Kaycee Cochran (GR) 2nd, Tanner Adam (GR) 4th

145 – Eric Clingenpeel (GR) 4th

152 – Wyatt Yenney (RS) 3rd

160 – Thomas Rezzonico (RS) 3rd, Nick Froats (GR) 4th

170 – Brayden Stassinos (RS) 2nd, Payton Tucker (GR) 3rd

182 – Blake Waite (GR) 3rd, TJ McNeel (RS) 4th

195 – Justin Rubalcaba (GR) 3rd, Adam Forbush (RS) 4th

220 – Jordan Tucker (GR) 1st, John Nowland (RS) 2nd

285 – Gabe Bunderman (GR) 3rd.

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  1. First off you need to check the Wyoming High School Athletic Association website and get the results. Justin Flores finished second. Two days in a row you printed miss information and didn’t do anything about it. Tell me how does Cyro Montoya not make it to the semifinals but in the follow up story places second. If you knew anything about sports you would know this is not possible. If it is, then you should write a story about it because that is a he’ll of an accompliahment. Please fix you mistakes

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