Young At Heart Providing Emergency Bags For Seniors This Winter

Young at Heart Senior Center is putting together emergency bags to provide to seniors this winter.

Following the harsh winter last year, the Senior Center is working to provide bags with essentials for seniors if a snow storm or other emergency hampers people from having access to food and water.

Executive Director Ryan Rust said the center had to close for three days last year which was more than any other year in the last decade. During each of those closures, Young at Heart reached out to seniors on the meal delivery program to ensure they had access to food. Between 10 and 15 seniors had no access to food during those times, and the center’s staff made personal trips to provide a meal for those in need.

In preparation for this winter season, Young at Heart is putting together bags with food, water, flashlights, and blankets. Rust said they are making at least 150 of these bags to make sure everyone has access to the essentials during emergency situations.

Rust said the center has already received multiple donations, and most of the requirements have already been met. Anyone who wants to donate may call Young at Heart at 352-6737 to be placed on the donation list. Young at Heart will reach out to potential donors after they have evaluated what is needed for the emergency bags.

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