Young Woman Rollerblading Across America In Rock Springs Tonight

A young woman is rollerblading across America to prove that through love, everyone is deeply connected with one another.

23-year old Yanise Ho, who will be the subject of the world record challenge is rollerblading a minimum of 6,200 miles across the U.S. to advocate for young girls all over the globe who are told they can’t. Her goal is to Rollerblade with no money to prove that there’s so much kindness and love in the world and with a little more trust and faith, the world could be full of joy.



Yanise started her adventure in Miami, Florida back in March. She has worked her way up the east coast hitting cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington, Philadelphia and New York City. It took her roughly 90 days to get to New York City from Miami. She began moving west and hit cities such as Cleveland, Chicago, Des Moines, Omaha, Laramie and has arrived in Rock Springs tonight. Yanise will be staying the night with a local family. She has traveled for a total of 184 days and over 2800 miles on her rollerblades. Yanise covers 20-35 miles a day. Yanise will continue moving west tomorrow morning as she moves towards her final destination of Portland, Oregon.

Yanise is also raising funds for The Bladress scholarship to fund girls education in countries where child marriage are still in practice.


In November 2016, Yanise rollerbladed 550 miles solo from Savannah, Ga to Miami, Fl with no money to prove human kindness. The endeavor was widely recognized by local media as well as Harry Connick Junior on his national Harry show.

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