Aspen Mountain Plumbing: Summer Checklist



It’s that time of year again! The long, hot summer days are here. Summer is a great time for family vacations or just some quality relaxation at home with your family. But before you pack up your car or head out on vacation, make sure you call Aspen Mountain Plumbing and ask about our smart valve products so you can be in full control of your water from anywhere, anytime, via your smartphone.

It’s important to inspect your own plumbing system before the winter months. Think about how much you use water during the warm days of summer when gardens are in full bloom, kids are playing outside and people are spending more time outdoors entertaining friends or enjoying a BBQ with family. If there is any leakage on these fixtures it can lead to serious problems come wintertime without anyone realizing until they turn their faucets on!

There are several things homeowners should check for at least once per month:

  • Checking your toilet for leaks by dropping some food coloring into the tank and then checking if any color appears in the bowl after an hour.
  • Leaking faucet handles that may need tightening or new parts.
  • Look for leaking water from your pipes by turning off the main valve to each individual fixture and checking underneath them.
  • Checking that all of your outdoor faucets are closed when not in use so they don’t waste any precious resources during summer months

Also, check if there is an air gap or shut-off valve installed on top of the main water line which can help prevent a sewer gas buildup and it’s good practice for wintertime too!

Be aware that frozen pipe damage can happen as early as September, so make sure you prepare your home with a good insulation barrier before temperatures drop below freezing.

And lastly, never run excess hot water because it wastes energy and increases wear and tear on both types of equipment while increasing the cost to operate.

To schedule a plumbing inspection from a certified Aspen Mountain Plumbing technician, give us a call at (307) 922-4413.

We can catch any potential problems before they become expensive repairs. We’ll come right to your house and give you an estimate on how much it would cost to fix any issues we find in the pipes, drain line, water heater, toilet, and more!


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