Feel secure at Aspen Mountain Medical Center with the Surfacide UV-C system



Aspen Mountain Medical Center wants to maintain the highest level of disinfection, for the safety of their patients.

The Surfacide UV-C System

This is why they have implemented Surfacide UV-C Technology, which uses energy to kill bacteria and viruses.

The Surfacide UV-C system automatically laser maps a space, identifies exposed surfaces, and calculates the proper time cycle and dose of energy to kill harmful viruses.

Surfacide UV-C is technology is proven to break down Covid-19, MRSA, VRE and CRE.

It has been proven to reduce acquired infections by 99.999%.

When you visit Aspen Mountain Medical Center, you can feel safe knowing they are taking extra precautions, such as the Surfacide UV-C to protect the health of their patients, staff and visitors.


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