Huckers Wyoming Inc. presents Hatchets for Hounds


Huckers Wyoming Inc., Wyoming’s original hatchet-throwing company, is raising money for the Red Desert Humane Society and you’re invited to join in the fun!

All you have to do is get together a five-person team, contact Hucker’s through their Facebook page to set up a time to throw, and then have some fun! Each team is encouraged to call out another team–whether it’s your friends or other businesses–to participate in the contest. At the end of the competition, one team will be announced the winner based on the highest score, and they’ll win the “Hatchets for Hounds” trophy!

And the best part? Part of the proceeds will benefit the Red Desert Humane Society! So get your team together today!

Brought to you in part by Industrial Hoist and Crane and WyoRadio.


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