Lights, Camera, Action! Wyoming 48 Hour Film Festival is Open for Registration


Lights, Camera, Action! Wyoming 48 Hour Film Festival is Open for Registration

Can you make a movie in only 48 hours? A Wyoming competition challenges filmmakers across the state to do just that.

The Wyoming International Film Festival (WyoIFF) is announcing a unique opportunity for Wyoming filmmakers, artists, and creatives; the Wyoming 48 Hour Film Festival. The competition, which takes place June 17 – 19, 2022 will challenge participants to create a 5-minute movie in only 48 Hours. Teams will be given a required prop, line of dialogue, and genre that must be included in their movie. Finalists will have their projects screened to a live audience in Cheyenne on July 10 and are elidable for seven awards: Best screenplay, director, actor, actress, use of required dialogue, use of a required prop, and the top award – best of fest.

“This isn’t just a competition,” says Rudi Womack, the Executive Director of WyoIFF. “This is a unique chance for the filmmaking community across Wyoming to hone their skills, collaborate, and celebrate the art of film.” The 48 Hour Film Festival is open to all ages and skill levels, and even out-of-state filmmakers, so long as their projects are created in Wyoming. “Finalists will be screened during the Wyoming International Film Festival, which is a golden opportunity for Wyoming filmmakers to meet directors and producers from all over the world.”

Registration is open through June 16th and teams can sign up at On June 17th the event kicks off with a live video on Instagram which will announce the required elements. Afterward, the clock is ticking, and teams only have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a film. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a film veteran or an amateur, once the timer is going, it’s a creative race to the finish,” Womack adds.

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