Local Book Release: A Young Pioneer’s Journey in 1851, by Jeffery Paul Pedersen


Local resident Jeff Pedersen (1961-2021) was inspired to write a book about the Pioneer Trail for years. Jeff’s Grandpa would take him on dirt roads in western Wyoming when he was a child, which would become the catalyst to researching and writing A Young Pioneer’s Journey in 1851 – a journey that his own ancestors took, sometimes more than once.

Imagine traveling for months through Wyoming’s unpredictable weather, in dusty, dry conditions in wagons and on horses. Daily chores could not be forgotten, and bonds had to be made in order to work together to survive the journey.

The book is a historical-fiction journal of a thirteen-year-old boy who travels the Pioneer Trail in 1851. The trek was long and dangerous, and author Jeff Pedersen tells the tale of Willie Killian with just as many joyous moments as harsh ones.

Jeff loved history and telling stories. The research that went into writing A Young Pioneer’s Journey in 1851 took many years, and he often brought his wife Renee and family on exploring trips across the trail. The first edition of the book was published in October of this year. It’s the perfect read for anyone interested in history, or lovers of adventure and resilient characters.

A Young Pioneer’s Journey in 1851 is available locally at Sidekicks Book and Wine Bar and at Western Wyoming Community College.

The book is also available on Amazon HERE in both paperback and in Kindle format.

A Young Pioneer’s Journey in 1851 by Jeffery Paul Pedersen would be a great gift for a young reader this holiday season – or for any supporter of local Wyoming authors.

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