Make Wellness a Part of Your Yearly Goal


By Teresa Weyer, RN Annual Wellness Visits Coordinator Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Family Medicine Clinic of Sweetwater Memorial offers a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit with a registered nurse.

The visit includes a personalized plan of care to help you meet your health and wellness goals. If you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, call to schedule a visit, and access the preventative services you qualify for based on your healthcare goals.

If you’re new to Medicare, you’ll be excited to know your Medicare Wellness Journey starts with a Welcome to Medicare physical exam and wellness screen with your provider within the first 12 months of part B coverage. Medicare pays 100% for this visit. This exam will provide the baseline for comparison with future wellness visits. Medicare does not pay for any yearly physicals after 12 months of enrollment.

Your Annual Wellness Visit with a registered nurse will include:

• A health risk assessment. You will be asked some questions before or during your visit. Your responses to those questions will help you and your healthcare professional get the most from your Annual Wellness Visit. You’ll talk and discuss the wellness services you qualify for.

• A review of your medical and family history.

• Development of an updated list of your current providers and prescriptions.

• Height, weight, blood pressure, and other routine measurements.

• Screening for cognitive impairment.

• Personalized health advice.

• A list of risk factors and treatment options for you to discuss with your provider.

You will leave this visit with a personalized Wellness Plan for the following year.

After this visit, you will see your provider for follow-up care on the screening and recommendations for other health issues you bring forward. Your visit with your provider will be more “you” focused as your wellness services are known and planned.

For more information or questions, talk with your provider or reach out to Teresa Weyer, RN, at 307-352-8324, [email protected]. For more on this and all Sweetwater Memorial has to offer, go to

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