Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement Program: Send a picture today! 


Wyoming has a rich tradition of grit and overcoming adversity. The UW Profiles in Wyoming Resilience Project wants to tell the story of what that means today…through your eyes. With your voice! Submit your pictures that represent Wyoming’s resilience, educational achievement, and employment opportunities in your community, as well as the barriers you’ve encountered.

Submit them this May, and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card! Open to Wyoming residents 18 years or older.

Learn more at

As a resident of Wyoming, you are invited to participate in the UW Profiles in Wyoming Resilience Project survey about your unique experience of barriers and opportunities to academic achievement, employment opportunities, and community resilience! This survey takes less than 10 minutes and will ask you to share photos and a description of what each photo means to you.

Three reasons to participate:

  1. A chance at 1 of 20 Amazon $50 gift cards.
  2. Contribute to the development of a robust profile of your community through pictures and the descriptions you share.
  3. Be able to see the results and use the stories and profiles archived on an interactive website that will be available to all.

To participate, click this link to the confidential and short Qualtrics survey:

You will be prompted to share photos and descriptions of what each photo means to you. You can find more information and photo sharing methods (via Flickr, social media, or email) at or view this informational webinar video:

 Check out the Wallop team on Facebook and LinkedIn as “Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement Program”, or on Instagram at @wallopcivicengagement to follow along with this project. 

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