“My Life, My Quit™ is the free and confidential way to quit smoking or vaping


My Life, My Quit™ is the free and confidential way to quit smoking or vaping. Text “Start My Quit” to 36072 or click to chat with a Coach. We are here for you every step of the way. It’s YOUR LIFE and we’re here to help you live it YOUR WAY.”

My Life, My Quit is a resource for teens who are struggling to quit smoking, vaping, or any other nicotine products. While the resource is available in multiple states, Wyoming teens are in luck. The website has a specific section just for Wyoming teens struggling. If visiting the website one will see a multitude of different sections addressing topics relating to nicotine products. Sections include: ARE YOU IN CONTROL?, THEY WANT YOU HOOKED, IS VAPING DANGEROUS?, DESIGNED FOR ADDICTION, QUITTING = SAVINGS, and NO VAPE IS SAFE. One can find quizzes, ideas, information, and other helpful topics!

Real Teens. Real Quotes:

“I liked the flavors, but now I have to use it as soon as I wake up”.

“I’m tired of my throat and lungs burning when I take a hit. I can’t run like I used to”.

“I used it to deal with stress. Now I’m stressed when I don’t use it”.

If you or someone you know is trying to quit nicotine or you want to learn more. Contact Shae Bell sbel[email protected] or Andrew Hagemann [email protected] or call us (307) 352-6677. You can also visit our website to set up a meeting with us for nicotine products at www.sweetwaterpreventioncoalition.com

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