Get used to Taking 10 on Tuesday


Kaycee Manning Take 10 on Tuesday

Jena Doak, [email protected]

SWEETWATER COUNTY, OCTOBER 5, 2021 — It is a beautiful day in Rock Springs. A perfect day to do something good for the community. Why not start with keeping the town a place to be proud of?



The first step is to bend down and pick up some trash instead of passing by.

Today is the first of the four “Take 10 on Tuesdays” in October. A new Rock Springs Urban Renewal Agency initiative, the first one in June followed on the heels of May’s City-Wide Cleanup. Thus, Take Ten on Tuesday was born.

Rock Springs residents might as well get used doing their part, because Take 10 on Tuesday may become an ongoing, year-round idea. To keep this recurrent, people need to spread the word at first.

“We should keep our town beautiful, and show some pride in it,” Rock Springs Urban Renewal Agency Marketing Events Coordinator Trina Brittain said. “We want our visitors to have a good first impression and see that we take pride in our community.”

Why Tuesdays? Mondays find people in a somewhat gloomy temperament sometimes, just getting back to work. Besides, “Take 10 on Tuesday” has a ring to it.

“It’s a chance to turn it around on Tuesday,” Brittain said. “Get out of your Monday funk and do something for your community.”

There are even ways to make it enjoyable. Young people can make it a team task and make clean-up fun. Teaming up and enjoying the fresh air could make picking up debris fun. Or make it a contest. It sure will be nice seeing locals in the habit of taking a few minutes once a week to do their part, and experiencing a feeling of pride as they perceive how pristine this place they call home suddenly is.