Miss Sweetwater County Volunteer wins people’s choice


Photo of Liberty Eddy

Tanya Baer, [email protected]

Sweetwater County- Miss Wyoming Volunteer is a new pageant that allows young women around Wyoming to feel empowered and also offers educational scholarships and opportunities. The first winner ever for the year 2021 was Bailee Wistisen, but local Miss Sweetwater County Volunteer Liberty Eddy has won the people’s choice award.


This year, she plans on making appearances around Sweetwater County and hopes she will have opportunities to attend events in both Rock Springs and Green River. Her most recent appearance was at the Make-A-Wish Kid’s Carnival, where she passed out tiaras. Her chosen platform is mental health, but with an emphasis on suicide awareness. Liberty stated, “Wyoming has a high rate of suicides and it has grown in the last few years because of things like the pandemic. I would really like to bring awareness to this issue.” Liberty said in the future, one potential dream she has is making a clothing company where proceeds would go to helping others afford mental health services.

Her favorite part of being Miss Sweetwater County Volunteer has been the kids. Liberty stated, ” I get the opportunity to be a role model to girls, and it is amazing.”


Liberty’s long-term goal is to work in pediatric oncology. When she was a little girl, she spent a lot of time in hospitals due to a heart condition. She expressed how much she used to fear the doctors and hospitals until her father started calling her heart doctor “The Jelly Doctor”. She mentioned that this changed how she felt about going to the hospital, and even made her look forward to hospital visits. Liberty wants to do the same for other children, she wants to make hospital visits less scary and more fun for them.

Liberty plans on competing in the next Miss Wyoming Volunteer pageant and has plans to potentially change her platform to bring compassion back into healthcare. This time around she has learned to be more confident in herself and plans to bring that knowledge into the next competition. Liberty said, “I have learned to be unapologetically me.”