RS boys swimming kicks off 2019-2020 season with first meet tomorrow

Head coach David Galindo (Right) and coach Ron Defauw (left) have a conversation at the boys’ swimming practice on Dec. 12.

By Dylan Rohrer,

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (Dec. 12, 2019) — Rock Springs High School Boys Swimming Team officially begins competition tomorrow, as they host their first meet of the year.

The team is led by second-year coach David Galindo, who is excited about the number of athletes he has to work with this season.

“Our attendance is up this season, so far we have doubled in size from two years ago. I believe they started out with 12 before I got here, and now we are 24 strong,” he said.

Team building a priority this season

Galindo says that he wants to build on the talents of the large sophomore class they have this year, and begin to train them in the many different events swimming has to offer.

“In short, one of the goals I have this season is that we build on who we have. We had a very large freshman class last year who are now sophomores, a lot of them were training to do the 50 and 100 freestyle,” Galindo said.

“My expectations or goals this year are to try and take the lower classmen and cultivate what we’ve got with them. That’s ultimately what we are doing at the beginning of this season, taking a sort of inventory of what we have,” he claimed.

“We want to be able to see what kind of depth we have in the other events (outside of the 50 and 100 freestyle), and really try to make these guys all-around good swimmers.”


Galindo confident in upcoming meets

Galindo is confident in his squad and their ability to perform in smaller meets as well as dual meets. He mentioned that he wants to see a more completed body of work before discussing how his team will perform at the state and conference meets at the end of the year.

“I think we will do really well in dual meets and smaller meets, but I think that how we do at conference and state remains to be seen,” he said.

“I see how hard these guys are working, I think things will go well, but those two meets are too far out, they’re in February. So I think we have some work to do, but as I’m looking at this now, smaller meets and dual meets, I think the outcomes will be good,” Galindo noted.


Coaching staff continues to improve

Galindo discussed his coaching staff, and how he feels they are in a good spot from a coaching perspective.

“As a coaching staff, we all are learning more about the sport daily. We get stronger by learning from each other, also learning each other’s styles. We have a mixture of trainers and technicians on this staff, so it is using our abilities to strengthen and better our swimmers and athletes.”

Specialized training to play a critical role

Coach Galindo noted some of the many different pieces of training he uses for his swimmers, and how this specialization leads to success for his athletes.

“We are doing specialized training now, more than we had last year. Twice a week we do focused training, things like myself working to strengthen our sprinters, coach Defauw covers the distance swimmers, and coach Mann continues to work with our freshman in developing and seeing what we have with them,” he discussed.

“Then, twice a week we work with threshold training, just seeing ‘how well can you endure’, and making them build that endurance because if they can do it during practice, doing it during a meet should be no problem.


Building a brotherhood

Galindo mentioned much of the work his coaching staff and athletes do outside of the pool that helps strengthen the bond the swimmers have, as well as improve their skills together.

“I think that one of the things that we do exceptionally well is that we’ve built a brotherhood,” Galindo claimed.

“We have swimmers who are tutoring other swimmers outside of practice, outside of the season. I created a rigorous summer strength and conditioning program, which many of the swimmers utilized and stuck with, many of them attending the gym with each other, so they’ve bonded that way too. Then we have swimmers who have swum together in swim club during the off-season, just to be ready and in shape by the time season starts.”

Discipline plays a major part in success of the team

Galindo also alluded to the discipline they have on the staff.

“We are disciplined, and we want them to be disciplined as well. One of the things we do every day this year is we have a mandatory study hall. If they are not eligible to swim, then what is the use of even practicing. So I think that one of the most important, if not the most important thing as an athlete, is to be disciplined. Not only in the pool but be disciplined in their work as well, making sure that they are putting in the time that it takes to make sure their grades are up so that this isn’t all for nothing.”


Setting the tone for the season

Galindo spoke briefly about the importance of being consistent in the intensity of the season.

“One of the things I think is really important is starting off the season with intensity. It is hard to judge where the intensity should be and have to try and change that intensity later on in the season. It’s better off to start the season with intensity and expectations high because these are good guys, good athletes, and good students who want to get better in everything. So if you start your expectations and intensity high, they will rise to meet it. It’s just like in a classroom, you have to start with high expectations, otherwise, you have to back and try to fix what you have already set as a habit.”

“Ultimately, we are setting really good habits here in this pool.”

Coach Galindo and his team take to the water at 4 p.m. tomorrow at the Rock Springs High School pool for their first meet of the season.