The Tiffin Allegro Club Rally celebrates 50th anniversary in Rock Springs


Wyo4News photo of a couple and an RV

Tanya Baer, [email protected]

Rock Springs- You might be wondering why there have been so many out-of-state license plates and motorhomes in Sweetwater County, that’s because the Tiffin Allegro Club has chosen Sweetwater County as their rally destination this year. The Sweetwater Events Complex has been hosting this event since Monday and has even extended the stay for some participants so that they could really get a feel for what life is like in Sweetwater County. This has been a very big deal for the Sweetwater Events Complex because this is the largest rally this club has ever held and they chose to have it at the Sweetwater Events Complex.


A typical rally may have roughly 200 motorcoaches, but this rally included 625, but with staff directors and volunteers added in, it was about 675. While most people have stayed on-site, there are quite a few staff members staying in hotels around Sweetwater County which has a big economic impact. In fact, according to Wyoming Travel Impacts and Dean Runyan Associates, the amount brought into Sweetwater County will exceed over $900,000 dollars after the event has ended.

Wyo4News photo of the inside of a Tiffin RV

All week participants have visited local businesses, restaurants, museums, parks, hotels, and outdoor areas, and many have stated how welcomed they felt. According to events manager, Tamara Musgrove, “Many people have come up to me and talked about how welcomed they felt within the County and within the Community of Rock Springs. They always talk about how welcoming they are here. Thank you to the people of Sweetwater County and the community for being so welcoming.”

Wyo4News photo inside of the vendor tent

Sweetwater Events Complex is hopeful that they might host another rally in the future and they would love for the Tiffin Allegro Club to come back and celebrate again. Tamara stated that this was all a group effort, having such a small group of people, “It started down at the maintenance men and went all the way to the top director, everyone had a hand in making this happen.”