5 Questions With…Miesha


***UPDATE*** Miesha’s performance tonight at the Broadway Theater has been canceled due to the weather and road conditions.  They are hoping to reschedule the performance soon.

Ahead her of performance tonight at the Broadway Theater with local artist, Amy Rasdall, we spoke with Miesha for our new series “5 Questions With…”.

Wyo4News:  How long have you been singing?

Miesha:  “I have been singing for approximately 15 years. I’ve been singing around town for about 2 years.”


Wyo4News:  Which artist, or artists, have influenced you the most?

Miesha:  “My taste and influences are so versatile, it’s hard to choose just one…probably Shania Twain and Alicia keys.  Also Adele and Hailey Williams.”

Wyo4News:  Which genre of music is your favorite?

Miesha:  “I can’t just choose one favorite. My iTunes playlist goes from symphony to straight hood. Haha!”

Wyo4News:  Do you ever get stage fright?

Miesha:  “Yes. Every time. I think it would be a bad sign if I didn’t get a little nervous.”

Wyo4News:  Describe your sound in one word.

Miesha:  “My sound in one word would probably be ‘energy’.”

Miesha and Amy Rasdall will be playing tonight for Downtown Rock Spring’s Live in the Lobby concert series at 7:00 pm.  Live in the Lobby is sponsored by WyoRadio and AAA Insurance Agent, Randy McConnell.  Live in the Lobby is presented by the Rock Springs Urban Renewal Agency and takes place at the Broadway Theater.  Tickets are $5 and my be purchased at the door.