Goat-A-Gram Means Books For A Year

Volunteer, Tim Savage, took his goat to visit the City of Rock Springs during United Way’s Goat-A-Gram last year. (Photo: United Way of Southwest Wyoming)

Goat-A-Gram is back! This fundraiser supports Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library in Southwest Wyoming. Participants purchase a Gram to send a goat to the person of their choosing (friend or foe) in Rock Springs or Green River for a half-hour. The recipient can choose to keep the goat entertained for 30 minutes or they can pay a transfer fee to send the goat on. Insurance is also available to guarantee that you do not receive a goat. Did we mention you can remain anonymous, for a small fee?



Proceeds from this event will benefit children in Sweetwater County. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library provides age appropriate books to children ages birth through five at no cost to the family.  Books are provided by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Foundation, who mails the books monthly. Registration is coordinated by United Way of Southwest Wyoming and shipping costs are paid through funds raised locally.  “It costs $35 per year, per child to send these books. A $35 donation will provide 12 books to a child,” stated Kelly Frink, Executive Director, United Way of Southwest Wyoming, “this program aligns with our education initiative to help children be prepared for school.”


Steven Costantino cuddles the goat sent to First Bank during United Way’s Goat-A-Gram event last year. (Photo: United Way of Southwest Wyoming)


When is this happening?

Grams are on sale now. Goats will be delivered on June 14, 2017.

How do I send a Goat-A-Gram?

To order your Goat-a-Gram you can go to UWSW’s website (swunitedway.org) or contact the office at 362-5003 for an order form.

Are you kidding me?
If you would like to insure that you do not receive a goat you can purchase goat insurance in advance. Those who have insurance will not receive a live goat but will get a Gram with a special message from their sender.


This sounds fun, but I don’t want my boss… I mean the “recipient” to know it was from me.
We’ve got you covered. As the sender, for an extra donation, you can be anonymous.


The goats are provided by the Wyoming West 4-H club.  For more information or to order your Goat-A-Gram contact Shelley Richno at United Way or visit our website at swunitedway.org.