Marc Berger performs at Bunning Park


Wyo4News photo of Marc Berger performing

Tanya Baer, [email protected]

Rock Springs- Last night American roots artist, Marc Berger, performed at Bunning Park for part of the Concert in the Park series. Every Wednesday a new artist performs at Bunning Park in Rock Springs at 7:00 p.m.


Marc Berger describes his genre as American Roots, consisting of country, blues, and rock all wrapped into one genre. Although Marc is from New York, he is very inspired by western culture and music. His most recent album RIDE has all the elements of American Roots music. Currently, Marc is on a tour that involves performing at 15 different shows in the span of 18 days. His next show in Wyoming is in Jackson Hole on July 23.

Marc believes that his deep appreciation and love for music came from a music appreciation class he took in college. After that, he had an important decision to make. He could either become a lawyer right away or take some time to try to be a musician. “I would regret it if I didn’t try,” Marc said. He decided to start performing and his passion for music grew even bigger. “I am very lucky to find something to be passionate about,” he stated.

One of the best experiences he had was on a ferry to Alaska. During the ride, he started talking to a kid from Wales who had previously seen musician Richie Havens a week prior in England. He then began to sing the chorus of one of his favorite songs that Richie sang, and it happened to be a song written by Marc himself called “The Last One.”

Something important that Marc wanted to say to readers was, “When you’re a teenager, it’s a good idea at a young age to figure out what you love to do.” He also wanted people to know that he has felt incredibly lucky to play with such great musicians and have great musicians who have played his music. Marc’s favorite part of performing is touching the audience. He stated, “With music, I am communicating something on a deeper level with the people in the audience.”