Wyo4News At The Library: See The Duelling Dames This Week At The Library!


Join Wyo4News each week as we check out what’s going on at the Sweetwater County Library. This week’s column was written by Lindsey Travis, Assistant Library Director for the Sweetwater County Libary System.


Lindsey Travis, Assistant Library Director for the Sweetwater County Libary System.

A program that combines sword fighting, comedy and history – sign me up! The Duelling Dames will have three library-sponsored events this week, and we’re excited to see what they have to offer.

The Duelling Dames are an all-female team of sword fighters. They provide a live theater show that teaches history with a comedic twist and a female empowerment and anti-bullying theme. When we were contacted by the “dames” about a possible performance this summer, we didn’t hesitate. If the libraries can provide a program with a strong lesson and entertain as well, we’re all in.

The Duelling Dames

The “dames” are the mother-daughter team of Victoria Goring and Carson Goring. Victoria is a trained stage combat specialist who has choreographed for TV and films. While onstage, the duo fight about how to fight, they bring audience members onstage to train, and provide a hilarious battle.

The libraries will have three shows with the Duelling Dames:

Tuesday, June 11 — 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.  @ White Mountain Library, Rock Springs

Wednesday, June 12 – 11 a.m. @ Centennial Park in Green River


If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to sign up for the library’s Summer Reading Challenge. You can log your time online this year, and there are extra fun activities that you can participate in. Visit our website here https://www.sweetwaterlibraries.com/ and click on the banner link to sign up. Also, check out all of the library’s summer activities here https://www.sweetwaterlibraries.com/web_admin/uploads/eventGuide.pdf.