Aspen Mountain Plumbing Debuts New Commercial On Facebook


The new commercial was shot on location and put together over the past few months.

Lance Ball, Owner Of Aspen Mountain Plumbing, answered a few questions about the new commercial:

How did the idea of getting a commercial done for your company come to life?

We are always looking at what we can do more for the community. And we felt that we didn’t really have anything that showed the love and passion we have for the people we serve on a daily basis. So we wanted to give Sweetwater County something that not only represents our heart and soul but the quality that is expected here in Rock Springs and Green River.

So plumbers hitting the big screen, were you guys nervous at all or how did the shoot go?

We wanted to be as organic as possible. This is very important to us. We didn’t want a big movie set typescript with SuperHeroes flying across the shop. What it’s really been all about from the inception of the commercial was pulling the curtain back and giving the community a behind-the-scenes look at how we prepare to service our customers. And it’s important to say that everyone that was a part of the commercial is local. From the camera guy to the audio guy, to the editor, it was truly a Sweetwater County Special!

To reach Aspen Mountain Plumbing, please call (307) 922-4413. You can also book appointments online at


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