Don’t Miss The 6th Annual Sweetwater County InkFest This Week At The Holiday Inn



This year’s 6th Annual Sweetwater County InkFest will be held at the Holiday Inn from March 7th to March 10th from Noon to Midnight. Admission is $10 at the door for adults, and $5 for kids 12-17. You must be 18 to get tattooed, and 21 for alcohol.

There will be over 100 artists present from all over the United States and Canada, such as the father of modern tattooing, Lyle Tuttle; world famous master machine builder Dan Dringenberg; and Stacie-Rae, the creator and founder of The A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo.

Lyle Tuttle is a tattoo artist and historian of the medium, and he started tattooing professionally in 1949. Tuttle has tattooed a considerable number of musicians, actors, and celebrities, and pioneered various tattoo techniques still utilized today. He has tattooed on all seven continents, been tattooed on six continents, and has never knowingly tattooed a minor. He officially retired in 1990 but will attend conventions to hold various tattooing classes. He will be offering a machine tuning class at this year’s InkFest.

The world-famous master machine builder Dan Dringenberg will be having his class Thursday at 10 am till noon, and the show will open to the public at noon. Dan’s history as a tattoo machine builder is outstanding, and he is recognized as a major influence for other top tattoo machine builders in the industry today. He has established himself as a machinist of considerable importance. In addition to tattooing and making tattoo machines full time, he continues to take part in the convention circuit.

Stacie-Rae is from Canada and is the founder of The A.R.T of Areola Restorative Tattoo. Stacie pioneered a new approach to achieving realistic, life-long lasting Areola Restorative Tattoo for Breast Cancer Survivors, and she will be at the convention to share her knowledge with other tattooers and attendees. She will be available for private sessions to help anyone who needs help with nipple restoration.

For more information, contact Greg McCurtain at (307) 705-8288, or visit, and find their page on Facebook.


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