Home cooked for Heroes: March’s Hero


We in Wyoming are faced with a set of difficulties never yet face before. At times like these Wyoming residents do what we do best and that is that we come together as a community. Everyone fights their own battles, but some choose to be on the front lines and help others fight their struggles. This community is special because you can always find so many looking out for the needs of others.

“We at Lew’s have been here in this community for generations and have seen so many of our friends and neighbors sacrifice their time money and energy. We have seen many help others without a second thought or lend a helping hand without batting an eye. We have also seen the need to recognize those who have given back. We have talked collectively and created a space for that very thing we call it Home Cooked for Heroes. It is a place to honor our community’s heroes and volunteers. Home Cooked for heroes is a spot to bring awareness to an individual or individuals who have made a real difference in people’s lives here in Sweetwater County. This is also an opportunity to let your friends and neighbors know that they are appreciated and that they have truly made a difference.”

March’s hero has been selected, Justin Graham. Justin is currently Full-time at our National Guard. He served overseas in Iraq, survived a couple of IED’s and has received a purple heart. Justin is a proud parent of two beautiful children and is an adoring husband to his wife Tonya. Justin is active within our community and a true hero!

“All you need to do to recommend a hero is to go to Lew’s Facebook page and tell us about a hero that you know. We recognize that there will be so many, and we can only pick two each month. So, if your hero is not picked please note that we have many to go through but each one will be reviewed. As a thank you from us at Lew’s we will be donating a meal for two- each hero and a plus one. They will enjoy a dinner out and with permission, we will post a picture along with a story and summary of their accomplishments. We want to thank those who have put positivity back into our hearts, homes, and our lives here locally in Sweetwater County. Hope is a powerful thing, and we need plenty of it. Fortunately for us, we are blessed to have so many people who have heard the call and are willing to do that very thing. We look forward to hearing from you about the wonderful stories.”

They can be a First Responder, Military personnel, Veteran, Widow, Volunteer, or even just a single parent, who is making it work for their family.

Lew’s wants to thank everyone who puts positivity back into our community. This is a way to encourage others to keep going, share a little hope, and thank those for everything they do.

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