Jamming Together for Hope this Saturday!


Our committee is planning to do a mental health and suicide awareness event. The purpose of this event is to help bring awareness and knowledge about suicide prevention. And raise money for our community to help with things like counseling, raise awareness to the younger generations about the help they can get. Also, to help bring kids more activities and hobbies like playing guitar lessons or learning how to skateboard.  We have talked with members of our community that are willing to donate some baskets and prizes to raise money. Along with food, beverages, a bounce house, etc. for kids’ activity area.  We will be having an outdoor stage for some bands we have booked. Also plan to invite a few speakers to stand up and make positive speeches about their survival stories, or what knowledge they can share about the subject matter.

We have a few local businesses to donate the proceeds towards, they are happy to work with us. And can benefit on behalf of the subject of mental health awareness and prevention. We are interested in starting our own non-profit account in the future if this event goes well. We plan to make JAMMING TOGETHER FOR HOPE an annual event to raise money for our community.

The Sweetwater County Prevention Coalition (S.C.P.C.) is a coalition dedicated to spreading information about substance abuse and suicide prevention here in Rock Springs. They share knowledge and information about prevention by partnering up with events like ours. They will have a booth set up to hand out pamphlets, along with other things to inform people on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

The following businesses will be taking in donations from the money raised by the event. Cache Valley Community Health Center (C.V.C.H.C.) and the Boys and Girls Club.

All donations can be left at Grubs Drive-in or at RS State Bank on Center St. under JAMMING FOR HOPE account.

Please contact Lyssa Nelson at (307) 389-9692 or Devon Siegel (307) 371-9976.


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