Melvin Brewing Shares Four Wyoming Businesses That are Offering Scholarships


When you are looking for scholarship opportunities, you might wonder if Wyoming businesses are often chances for kids to go to school. There are local businesses and agencies that provide kids the best chance to earn money for school. Listed below are four different entities that you might want to try. Some of these scholarships are very specific, and others provide a wide range of assistance for high school students who are going on to college soon.

Parents and students alike should look through these scholarships to determine what is best for them. Each step in the process might bring you closer to a new career or a better option for managing your future.

Melvin Brewing

Melvin Brewing wants students to know that they have multiple ways that they can join the workforce, obtain gainful employment, and learn new skills. As a part of this plan, Melvin Brewing is offering scholarships for students who want to be certified in the field of brewing, go to college, or attend a technical school.

This $1000 scholarship is meant for any student who wants to pursue college or training after graduating from high school. Students are asked to write an essay explaining how they would use the money, and they are announced every year as high school graduate their seniors. While students might want to come back and work for the brewery, others can go on to schools like the University of Wyoming and more.

Startup: Wyoming

The Startup: Wyoming program has generated a scholarship that helps young business owners or inventors start new companies. This scholarship money can be used to help grow businesses while Startup: Wyoming provides these students with coaching that helps them manage their companies.

Most people who want to start a business must get a grant from a local foundation, but Startup: Wyoming through the Wyoming Business Council helps these students get the money they need for training, provides coaching and helps these companies with needed fundraising. This holistic approach to growing a business helps kids make good choices when they have already determined that they will start a business.

BlueCross BlueShield of Wyoming

BlueCross BlueShield of Wyoming is a massive insurance provider that offers up to $80,000 in nursing scholarships every year. Because the state needs more nurses and homegrown talent, these scholarships help students go to college and learn the trade in a way that most cannot. This is important because these students might have thought that they could not afford to go to college, or they might need assistance as they attempt to complete their training.

This scholarship program has quite a lot of money, and it offers new scholarships every year. Students who need more scholarship money may apply, or high school seniors can apply when they know for a fact that they want to go into nursing. These scholarships might also be used for those who wish to change careers.

State of Wyoming

The State of Wyoming has announced new scholarship programs to help fight the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects of this pandemic might linger in the state for some time, and that is why these scholarships are so important.

Governor Mark Gordon has announced that $7.5 million of the CARES money provided to the state will be used for educational retraining and vocational rehabilitation for those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. This training can go to those who need to change careers quickly, and it might also be used for students who have recently graduated or are close to graduating. For example, someone who once thought they could step into a gainful position after school might need certification or training to move forward. Reach out to the state for more information.

You Can Find Scholarships For College Today

Scholarships for college are an important part of kids going to school. Some kids do not believe that they can afford to go to school, but more believe that they should invest in vocational training. Because this training can be expensive, these scholarships help stem the tide for kids who do not want to be stuck in dead-end jobs. Contact each of these scholarship programs if you need more assistance with the application process or want to know if you qualify for funding.

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