Spooky Noodle – Deming Elementary


Darrian Mechling
[email protected]

CHEYENNE, WYOMING (September 20, 2020) –An school in Cheyenne, Wyoming has a ghostly reputation. Built-in 1945, Deming Elementary has terrified students for over seventy years.

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The story is, years after the school was first built, a man was murdered in the furnace room, and to this day he continues to roam the halls. Students, staff, and parents have reported lights turning on and off throughout the building, clanging noises, and the sound of scratching along hallways.

Legend has it, that if you look into a window at night, you will see more than just your shadow..You’ll also see the shadow of the man who haunts the school.

 Open to this day, go, see for yourself at 715 West 5th Avenue.

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