The C-Store & Saddle-Lite Saloon are now HIRING!


Fuel Desk Manager (full-time)

Some of the responsibilities are: Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, disciplining staff at the store, creating employee schedules, assigning schedules and responsibilities to employees, checking to see if these responsibilities and assignments are carried through in the store, training new employees and providing ongoing education for employees, evaluating staff based on performance-based metrics, setting criteria for staff, such as sales performance and customer approval or complaints and assist in the store inventory, including loss prevention through theft and breakage.

Graveyard Cashier (part-time)

Cashier duties and responsibilities include: Calculate and return change when required by the payment method from processed sales transactions, reconcile cash drawers and sales receipts, maintain adequate change denominations in the cash drawer and request an additional change, answer customer questions about products or services, report issues with equipment, cook and Stock Hot Case Deli items, general Housekeeping Duties (inside and outside of facility) and assist in the store inventory, including loss prevention through theft and breakage.

Day Shift Bartender (part-time)

Bartender duties and responsibilities: Verify identification and age requirements of customers, mix traditional and creative cocktails, take and serve food orders, process payment from customers, clean glasses and bar utensils, make suggestions based on customer tastes and preferences, record and balance cash receipts, open and maintain tabs throughout their shift, build a rapport with regular customers to create a positive atmosphere.



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