Boy Scouts troop 86 performed flag ceremony at city council meeting


Wyo4News photo of boy scout

Tanya Baer, [email protected]

Rock Springs- At tonight’s city council meeting Boy Scout Troop 86 performed a special flag ceremony. They spoke about how and when to properly dispose of the American Flag. They also led the meeting with the pledge of allegiance after putting the flags in their proper spots.


A Resolution authorizing an application to the State Loan and Investment Board for a Grant through Water and Sewer ARPA Grant Program Funding for the Water Reclamation Facility Solids Handling/Odor Control Project, in the amount of $5,250,000 was approved unanimously. The goal of the project is to design and construct a processing facility that will use solar and supplemental heating sources to dry and process biosolids that are produced from the wastewater treatment process. Processing the biosolids year-round, and installing air scrubbers will reduce the odors that come from the facility.

A Resolution accepting and approving a Union Pacific Railroad Company Property Sale Agreement to construct a Municipal Storm Water Retention Basin, in the amount of $151,508 was also approved. The city of Rock Springs recognizes that further steps need to be taken to alleviate flooding within the city and that the construction of retention ponds is a necessary action to ensure the safety of community members.

The second reading of an Ordinance amending Articles 3-5, entitled “Humane Control and Regulation of Animals” and creating section 3-546, entitled “Trap-Neuter-Return”, to control the community’s cat population also took place. The city of Rock Springs recognizes that cat populations can grow if they are not managed. A large number of strays can hurt local ecosystems so the plan is to spay and neuter stray cats. This should stop the stray cat colonies from getting out of hand.