Gordon’s Office planning to take legal action if BLM plan finalizes


Emma Marsing, [email protected]

CHEYENNE, WYOMING — It comes just days after Governor Gordon sent a letter to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director Tracy Stone-Manning requesting the BLM withdraw its Rock Springs Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP), that the administration is expecting to have to take a step further and proceed with legal action against the BLM and their plan.

Local Senator Input

Stacy Jones, Senator for House District 13, and resident of Rock Springs spoke before the board during the Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources Meeting where she stated, “The plan is actually horrific. It affects almost every way of life and every recreation possible in our county. It affects the trona mining, the oil and gas industry, access to public lands for just regular enjoyment, our tourism, any OHV access to a lot of roads and trails, the right of ways will really affect anything that I haven’t mentioned, hiking, biking, really just everything.”

Jones continued as she explained that the BLM in their talks with the society has been telling the public not to “freak out” because it is just in its draft stage. However, as Jones explained, the public is well aware that while it may be just a draft now, it will eventually be a full plan and the public is taking it extremely serious. She adds in that the open houses that have been provided to the county have been very well attended and that she is proud for all members for taking the initiative to make their stance.


Governor Gordons Office Begins the Fight

Noah Rap, Governor Gordon’s Policy Advisor, confronted the board that legal action conversations have begun within Governor Gordon’s office and the Attorney Generals Office if the BLM proceeds with finalizing this plan.

Rap furthermore explained in terms of the alternatives, “It’s difficult to take any alternative at its face value right now because we’re not at a point where any of these are solid. So, depending on what ends up coming out of the other end after the public comment, then I think there will be a more of a strict stance. At this point, it is just pleaing for the comments so the final version does look like something we can support.”

Rap also chimed in that throughout the comment period so far, it has shifted the conversation from the technicalities within the cooperative draft to pulling at the extremes and not focusing on actual polices.

Moving Forward

At this time, the RMP continues to be in its draft period and no extension for comments has been accepted. If anyone wishes to submit a written comment, they may do so here.