Special committee formed as a result of last night’s city council workshop in RS

Wyo4news photo

Carly Eversole, [email protected]

Rock Springs, Wyoming – A special council meeting was held Wednesday, October 26, after a decision could not be made regarding the initial reading of additional human trafficking, massage therapy establishment ordinances were proposed at the October 18 Rock Springs City Council Meeting. Council members, Mayor Kaumo, and City Attorney Richard Beckwith were among some of the members in attendance at the workshop.


Among the discussion topics were some language revisions recommended to ordinance 14 by massage professionals Misty Hay and Tammy Morlock. Councilman Zotti recommended some verbiage changes to ordinance 13. By the end of the meeting, the group reached the consensus to form a 12-person committee to brainstorm and come up with either wording changes to the existing proposed ordinances or to only adopt 1 ordinance. Councilman Zotti said in an interview with Wyo4news, “It’s still a possibility that we move forward with Ordinance 13 but not Ordinance 14. We will just have to see what the committee can come up with.”

Included in the 12-person committee are Council members Zott, and Demas, Misty Hay, Tammy Morlock, Bruce Macy, Shelby Blume, Tiffany Wester, Carol Iverson, Joy Turner, Police Chief Erspamer, Sgt. Michelle Hall, and Jordan Allen of the city attorney’s office. The group will meet over the next few weeks with the intent of introducing updated proposals prior to the November 15th council meeting.