138 Volunteer Participated In United Way Helping Hands Day

Team Attitude of Gratitude repairing a deck at a senior citizen’s home. Photo courtesy of United Way of Southwest Wyoming.

Rock Springs, WY (10/10/10) – One hundred thirty-eight volunteers participated in the 24th Annual United Way Helping Hands Day. Thirty-eight improvement projects, ranging from facility repairs and renovations to house and yard work, were completed. More than 669 volunteer hours were logged, generating $22,503.72 worth of services for the elderly, persons with disabilities and non-profit organizations.


Although August 24th was set as the official Helping Hands Day, projects were completed throughout the months of August, September and into October to meet the needs of recipients and volunteer teams.

Team Mandros building a playset for the YWCA Support & Safe House. Photo Courtesy of United Way of Southwest Wyoming. 

For the sixth year in a row, Mandros hosted an ice cream social for the residents of Mansface Terrace. “If I’m able to help when I can, and influence others to do the same, then I feel like I made a bit of a difference and at the end of the day that is pretty fulfilling.  I don’t think anyone can reach their potential when all their thoughts and actions revolve around their own self-interests. The happiest, most fulfilled and most successful people I know are givers, making meaningful contributions to their families, their organizations, their communities, and the world. Givers really end up getting the most out of their contributions by the person they become in the process,” said Bob Mandros, owner of Mandros and a Helping Hands Day volunteer.


Local businesses sponsor Helping Hands Day to provide project supplies, give each volunteer an event t-shirt and help with other costs.  When a project requires supplies that the agency or individual cannot afford the Helping Hands Day team submits a supply request, or often the team’s company pays for the supplies.

Team ExxonMobil – painted two bathrooms and a kitchen for a senior citizen. Charlene says that if it wasn’t for Helping Hands Day, her projects would never get completed. Photo Courtesy of United Way of Southwest Wyoming.

Volunteers from Western Wyoming Beverages, Mandros, Marathon Oil, J.R. Simplot Company, and Rock Springs Police Department completed projects for the YWCA’s Early Learning Center and Center for Families and Children Support and Safe House. Solvay purchased new cubbies for Sweetwater County Child Development Center in both Rock Springs and Green River and the Attitude of Gratitude team painted offices at United Way of Southwest Wyoming.


Twenty-two senior citizens and people with disabilities also received help from volunteer teams: Attitude of Gratitude, Ciner, Genesis Alkali, ExxonMobil LaBarge Operations, Fairmont Supply, Fremont Therapy Group, Rock Springs Police Department and Youth Home Inc. These teams painted, washed windows, repaired decks and railings, and completed yard work because these residents are unable to complete these tasks on their own.

“We want to thank all of the sponsors and teams that participated in this year’s Helping Hands Day,” stated Kelly Frink, United Way of Southwest Wyoming’s Executive Director. “Year after year, we see our community come together to help individuals and organizations who are in need of assistance. For some individuals, it means the difference of being able to stay in their homes or having to move to an assisted living facility or in with family.  These projects help agencies focus their time and monies on their clients and less on the upkeep of their facilities.  People coming together to lift a hand to help one another is what “Live United” is all about.”

Team Rock Springs Police Dept. – installed a new railing. — with Amanda Cook Salazar. Photo Courtesy of United Way of Southwest Wyoming

Helping Hands Day event sponsors included: Alliance Case Management, Ciner, ComTech, ExxonMobil Production LaBarge Operations, Genesis Alkali, John Bunning Transfer Co. Inc., Mandros, Marathon Oil, PacifiCorp Energy, Rocky Mountain Power, Scepter Supply, Solvay Chemicals, and Tata Chemicals.

Supply sponsors included ExxonMobil Production LaBarge Operations, Fairmont Supply, J. R. Simplot Company, Marathon Oil and Tata Chemicals.