19 participants receive Healthy U leaders certification

Local recipients are Jackie Grubb of Green River and Kara Beech, Kelly Sugihara and Eva Wasseen of Rock Springs

Receiving Healthy U program certification recently at UW were, left to right, Eva Wasseen and Kelly Sugihara, both from Rock Springs; Crissy Jensen of Afton; Rachel Conrad of Gillette; Kim Proffit from Evanston; Jackie Grubb of Green River; Cheri Bjornsrud from Ten Sleep; and Barb Bauer of Evanston. Back row, Becky Bercier of Fort Washakie; Jon Fisher of Jackson; Irene Lujan of Fort Washakie; David Stafford and Nancy Stafford, both from Kemmerer; Kelsey Werner from Afton; Melissa Gorsuch of Gillette; Cora McGee from Ten Sleep; Kara Beech a WyCOA senior project coordinator in Rock Springs; Aimee Ottley from Evanston; Catherine Carrico, WyCOA associate director; Brenda Brown of Wheatland; and Dominick Duhamel, WyCOA senior project coordinator. (UW Photo)

LARAMIE, WYOMING (Oct. 21, 2019) — Nineteen people from around the state recently received certification through a series of workshops sponsored by the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Health to become leaders of the Healthy U program.

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The Wyoming Center on Aging, located in the UW College of Health Sciences, conducted training for participants earlier this month on campus.

Healthy U workshops are available to participants with an interest in or who have chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, pain, anxiety or depression.

“Workshops also are available to anyone who cares for someone with a chronic health condition or who simply wants to learn more about improving their health,” said Catherine Carrico, WyCOA associate director and clinical assistant professor.

Local recipients of the certification were Jackie Grubb of Green River and Kara Beech, Kelly Sugihara and Eva Wasseen of Rock Springs.

Other recipients included:

  • Afton — Crissy Jensen and Kelsey Werner.
  • Evanston — Barb Bauer, Aimee Ottley and Kim Proffit.
  • Fort Washakie — Becky Bercier and Irene Lujan.
  • Gillette — Rachel Conrad and Melissa Gorsuch.
  • Jackson — Jon Fisher.
  • Kemmerer — David Stafford and Nancy Stafford.
  • Ten Sleep — Cheri Bjornsrud and Cora McGee.
  • Wheatland — Brenda Brown.

The six-week program is provided in communities throughout Wyoming. Healthy U participants learn valuable skills to help them take control of their conditions and live happier, healthier lives, Carrico added.

Healthy U Master Trainers Carrico and Dominick Duhamel, who manage and coordinate the program in UW’s WyCOA, instructed the leaders. WyCOA has trained more than 70 individuals to provide the program throughout Wyoming.

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“I am honored to say that I am now a leader for the Healthy U program,” said Kelly Sugihara from the Wyoming Cancer Resource Services in Rock Springs. “I look forward to sharing this amazing program with the patients at the Cancer Center and our community. This training will help anyone continue on a healthy path while bringing awareness and accountability to our everyday actions.”

For more information about local Healthy U program workshops, visit www.healthyuwyoming.org.

Residents who are interested in becoming a Healthy U leader should call Duhamel at 307-766-2765 or email [email protected].

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