3rd Grade History Fair A Success

Kids got to “brand” a cow and see an actual sheepcamp to learn about farming and ranching in Sweetwater County.

The Sweetwater County Museum hosted their second annual 3rd Grade History Fair earlier this month. May 9, 10, and 11th. Nearly every third grader from the Sweetwater County was able to participate in the fair on May 9, 10, and 11—including students from Green River, Rock Springs, Granger, McKinnon, and Farson-Eden. In total, nearly 800 3rd graders, teachers, and parent volunteers participated in the event.

The students were given a tour of the museum and downtown Green River, including an overview of Sweetwater County history and government.

The second part of the fair included fun and interactive hands-on activities at Green River’s Centennial Park that highlighted important aspects of Sweetwater County history including Native Americans, mountain men and early explorers, emigrant trails, farming and ranching, the railroad, and coal and Trona mining. In addition, a historic sheep camp was on display for the students to learn and see how sheepherders live in the desert.

Each child was given a Trona sample donated by Tata Chemicals.

Landry Roskelley presents to 3rd graders about Native Americans who lived in Sweetwater County.

Landry Roskelley traveled from Ogden, Utah with his full tepee setup to teach the kids about Native Americans from the area. Each group got to sit inside the tepee while they learned about the many objects he had for demonstration.

Dennis Freeman also dressed in costume to portray an early documentarian of the western frontier and presented to the children about early explorers and mountain men.

Dennis Freeman uses artifacts to teach third graders about early explorers and mountain men.

Many other volunteers generously donated their time to make this year’s 3rd Grade History Fair a success.