5 Questions With… Commander Clark Robinson Of The RSPD


In this week’s edition of “5 Questions With…” we interview Commander Clark Robinson of the Rock Springs Police Department about drinking and driving this holiday weekend.

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How many individuals were arrested last year for DUI on New Year’s Eve?

In 2016, three on New Year’s Eve, twenty in the month of December.

What’s the average financial cost of a DUI?

A first offense city citation for DUI is $610.00, this does not include additional citations which average around $110.00-$600.00. Then consider other issues such as vehicle tow fees, SR22 high risk insurance, vehicle interlock devices, legal costs and litigation in cases of injury. Could go as high as $20,000.

What measures is the RSPD taking this year to deter citizens from driving under the influence this weekend?

The Wyoming Department of Transportation offers a grant program for a holiday season impaired driving campaign. This grant detail includes additional officers on the streets for Dec 13th – 31st. In a buzzed driving campaign, all the law enforcement agencies in Sweetwater County participate in this event.

What can individuals do if they suspect someone is driving drunk?

Call 911 and report a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately), give the vehicle description, location, license plate and driver description if possible, and the activity which makes one believe the driver is intoxicated.

Besides designated drivers and the local taxis, are there any other services individuals can use to get home safely if they happen to be intoxicated?

Pre-planning for alternate transportation. Utilize public transportation or UBER drivers.

Thank you for the interview, Commander Robinson! And to all of our readers, stay safe this weekend!