5 Questions With: 2020 Primary Election Candidates for Rock Springs City Council, Ward IV


ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING (August 4, 2020) — In today’s edition of 5 Questions With…, Wyo4News talks with Brent Bettolo and Larry Elder, 2020 Primary Election Candidates for Rock Springs City Council, Ward IV. Rose M. Mosbey and RJ Pieper will be running for the same position. Their answers will be posted on Wyo4News, Wednesday, August 5.

The 2020 Primary Election is Tuesday, August 18, and Wyo4News wants the public to have the opportunity to hear from the candidates in Sweetwater County they will be voting for, and then again in November for the 2020 General Election.


Wyo4News 5 Questions

1. What is the single, most important thing voters should know about you?

Bettolo: The feeling of home in Rock Springs. Rock Springs has been extremely good to me and my family! Now I would like to pay a little of that back by serving on the City Council. My business experience in Sweetwater County, the state, and the surrounding states has given me the knowledge to know how good we have it here. We need to protect it and strive to make it better. We are in a critical situation in Rock Springs due to the lack of revenue Rock Springs is receiving from the state. The Mayor, City Council, and City Staff need to work hard and make sure that we are doing everything that we can to maintain the services the city provides for the people of Rock Springs. I really look forward to giving it my all to help in any way that I can.

Elder: I am committed to preserving Rock Springs as a place of opportunity for families through community support.


2. How do you feel the City Council responded to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Elder: The City Council responded conservatively and I believe that they opened businesses according to the most accurate guidelines available, which is the most reasonable response that could be expected in a crisis.

Bettolo: I really believe that the CDC guidelines were followed to the best of the city’s capabilities. I would like to acknowledge Public Health, the Hospital Staff, and the Incident Command team for striving to meet the health needs of our community during this pandemic. They did a great job of handling a situation we have never faced before while dealing with the demands of everyday health care needs.


3. What makes Sweetwater County a better place to live than anywhere else?

Bettolo: To me, there are a few things that come to mind. First, the spirit of helping one another in Rock Springs is so great. I look at how the community responds to people in need. You really don’t find that everywhere, and here in Sweetwater County, we love to help one another. Second, the economic base that we have in the county sets it apart from anywhere else in the state, such as our local Soda Ash facilities, our Fertilizer facility, our Oil and Natural Gas Businesses, and our Coal and Power Generation facilities. There is not a county in Wyoming that has so much diversity. I truly believe that we need to build upon this diversity and strive to bring more businesses to enhance how much better we could be. Third, I love the outdoors here. Our natural beauty that we have here is often understated.  We need to enjoy it and preserve it to our best abilities.

Elder: As a father of three and an active community member, I recognized Rock Springs and Sweetwater County as an unparalleled area of opportunity. I was given the good fortune to raise my family and keep them involved in countless recreation activities. Also, I was given, and observed, amazing career opportunities that made this all possible, and I was able to see my children and wife’s education advance.


4. What will you do to make the City Council better if you are elected?

Elder: As a career public servant, I have been a direct witness to how the City Council’s decisions have affected our community. I will make the City Council better by bringing the consciousness that every vote I cast will have an effect on the way our community operates and is reshaped for the future.

Bettolo: First, I would like to thank the current City Council for working extremely hard.  David Tate deserves a shout out for the many years of work on the City Council. If elected, I look forward to working with Keaton West to serve Ward IV to the best of my abilities. I have a lot to learn about the workings of the City Council and how the city departments operate as well. I look forward to meeting those challenges. I believe I offer a progressive approach to meeting the challenges that we face. One thing that I can promise is to be as proactive as possible in bringing new solutions to issues that face our city. There are always improvements that can be made, and a culture of continuous improvement must become the norm.


5. Why should residents in Ward IV vote for you?

Bettolo: I can guarantee the residents of Ward IV that I will put forth a strong work ethic to work for them. I pledge an open mind to new ideas and thoughts that will help Rock Springs get past the hurdles that we now face. I will also encourage and promote initiatives that will result in improved conditions and positive changes for Rock Springs. All of this will be done in a manner that is transparent and accountable. I ask for the honor of your vote.

Elder: With the difficult times that are currently being presented to all of us, I will be committed to preserving the diversity in opportunity and culture that make Rock Springs such a uniquely special place to live.