5 Questions With: Coach Laurie Ivie, GR Boys Basketball

Laurie Ivie

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING (June 13, 2020) — In today’s edition of 5 Questions With…, Wyo4News talks with Laurie Ivie, head coach for the Green River Boys Basketball team.

Ivie started coaching in 1999 and has coached numerous teams in her career. Ivie has coached middle school volleyball, middle school girls and boys basketball, freshmen boys basketball, junior varsity boys basketball, several young traveling teams, and now at the varsity level as the head coach with Green River.

Ivie is entering her sixth season as the head coach for Green River. She was awarded the 2019 Wyoming 4A West Conference Boys Basketball Coach of the Year, and was the head coach for the 2019 South Boys Basketball All-Star Team.

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Wyo4News 5 Questions

  1. As a basketball coach you had the unfortunate, but the unique situation, of having your state tournament canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What was your initial reaction when you heard your team would not be playing in the state tournament? 

We traveled to Casper on that Wednesday and were scheduled to play on Thursday. Our plans were to watch the Green River Girls Basketball team play the opening game, Thursday at 9 a.m., and then prepare for our game that afternoon against Thunder Basin. By halftime of the girls game, we were told that everyone was going to be asked to exit Casper College after the game and that no spectators were going to be allowed back in to watch the remainder of the tournament.

At the conclusion of the game, there was an announcement that not only told everyone to leave the facility, but that the remainder of the tournament would not be played that weekend (postponed and/or possibly canceled). It was extremely shocking and confusing for everyone.


2. Did you have an opportunity to talk to the kids after the announcement was made and give them any last remarks before heading home?  

Upon hearing the news, our main focus as a coaching staff was to assist and support our players in whatever way we could – contacting parents, packing up and checking out of the hotel, and simply remaining positive and supportive as we all tried to absorb the shock of what was occurring. But honestly, at the time and in that moment, we all had high hopes that the tournament would be rescheduled and that we’d all see each other at practice on Monday.

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3. What can you say about the senior group and the fact they did not get to play in the state tournament in their final season as high school players?

The seniors on our team this year (Drew Gibson, Logan Reichl, Michael Richardson, and Isaac Ruiz) all played a big role for us this year, and all of them had a huge influence on building the success of our basketball program over the last four years. I am grateful I had the opportunity to witness first hand, their tremendous growth and development. Their development came not only in the area of athletic achievement, but in maturity and leadership as well. Drew, Logan, Michael, and Isaac are all kids of integrity and character, and will be greatly missed.


  1. What plans have you been able to make for the upcoming season, hoping that it happens?

We have been working hard to create an offseason program for our athletes that aligns with our district’s COVID-19 Resocialization and Reopening Plan.

Our athletes started the summer weight program on June 1, with a heavy emphasis placed on improving strength, speed, and quickness. Our players will also begin participating in basketball open gym. While open gym will look differently this summer than it has in the past, we are confident we can use the opportunity to continue developing skills and fundamentals, and moving the program in the right direction.


  1. What are your hopes for the future of the program, after you have led them to back to back state tournament appearances?

We want to continue to develop tools for success, well-being, and self-awareness in our players, both on and off the court. We want to get better every time we step foot in the gym – as basketball players, and as people.  The rest will take care of itself.

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