A Golden Skunk


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Sadie Strange, [email protected]

A few years back, we lost our beloved silver lab and I was really, really starting to miss having a dog around.

I had talked with my husband about getting a new dog a few times and he kept saying no and that he wasn’t ready. So, of course, I kept bugging him like a good wife does.

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One time out of the blue he actually said, “Maybe.”

Maybe? So that means yes right?

I started looking right away. While looking, I came across some baby skunks. I go back to my husband, and once again, I start bugging and pestering him. It was a firm no!  Ugh!!! Who wouldn’t want a baby skunk?!  So cute!

As this bugging and pestering was going on, my daughter showed me a picture of some golden retrievers for sale here in Rock Springs. Her and I decided that we would just go look at them.

Look, isn’t that funny?  We all know what going and looking leads to.

But I told my husband we were going to go look at some baby skunks. He warned that I better NOT come home with one.

My daughter and I go to look at the puppies and there were three of the cutest, most handsomest boys left. Well, I put a deposit down on one and said we would be back tomorrow to pick one out because I wanted my youngest daughter involved in picking one out.

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I did not tell my husband, but I did text him a picture I found off the internet of a baby skunk that just so happened to look like my hands were holding it. Once again, I got a firm NO from him! He had no idea we were really going to surprise him with a puppy.

The next day comes and my girls and I go to pick out our new puppy. At same time while telling my husband we were going to look at the baby skunks again. It was such a hard decision and if it was up to me, I would have taken all three of them. Of course, we’re talking about the puppies here.

I had to go back to work so my girls took him to the pet store and picked out a collar and a leash then headed to my mom’s house with the puppy until my husband and I got off work. My girls told my mom about tricking their dad with baby skunks and my awesome mom just happened to have a little skunk dog costume! Perfect!!

They gave him a bath and dressed him in the skunk costume, attached a happy birthday balloon to him because it happened to be my husband’s birthday in a few days. They meet me at the house, and I ran inside and told him that we needed to talk. I told him that I got something and right away he said, “If you got a skunk, we are not keeping it! You will have to take it to your mom’s house! We are not getting a skunk!”

At this time, my girls let the puppy come around the corner and his mouth dropped! He went right over to the puppy, picked him up and said, “You got a puppy?” We all said happy early birthday and sat down to figure out his name.

Let me introduce to you, Champ!  He is now almost 2 years old and still the most cutest, handsomest boy ever!! Life is so different with a dog! He makes us smile every single day!

“Until one has loved a dog, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

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