Actors’ Mission receives a $5,000 grant


December 5, 2021 — The Actors’ Mission recently announced they had received a $5,000 grant from the Thomas and Mary Kourbelas Charitable Trust. According to the Actors’ Mission press release announcing the grant, the fund was created by two kind benefactors who loved their community in life and who, in their passing, continue to give love and support to many organizations.


The Actor’s Mission has been fundraising to build a black box theatre in downtown Rock Springs.

President of the Board, Rick Cozad, said, “Fundraising had to slow down, and building materials have gone up as a result of the pandemic. Community friends and donors have been important factors in the formation and growth of the Actors’ Mission. We appreciate this generous gift from these two great benefactors, Thomas and Mary Kourbelas.”

The Actors’ Mission building is located at 440 South Main Street in Rock Springs.