Adopt A Tree to start on Monday, November 1 in Rock Springs and Green River


Adopt a Tree Green River

Jenna Doak, [email protected]

October 30, 2021 — It’s that time of year again to adopt a tree along Dewar Drive and Elk Street in Rock Springs, and Uinta Drive in Green River. It’s always been a popular program, so folks may want to get into the Chamber as soon as possible to stake out their trees.



Adoptions begin this Monday, November 1 at 8:00 a.m. at the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce. In Green River, folks may adopt theirs at the Chamber of Commerce on Monday, November 1 at 8:30 a.m. Decorating begins on November 1 and ends on December 4.

Once a desired tree and location are selected and paid for, the decorating can begin. The Chamber of Commerce will have a map to make selection seamless. Adopting a tree for one year costs $35, and $105 for three years. The Chamber uses the proceeds to enhance the quality of the community.

Some people decorate trees in memorial of a lost loved one. The American Legion will have several trees in front of the Rock Springs Chamber in honor of fallen service members.

“This is a way to bring together the community, not to make money,” Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce Business Agent, J.T. Larson said. “Residents can share the joy of the season.”

In Rock Springs, around one hundred adopted trees will line Dewar Drive; Elk will have around 50. Uinta Drive in Green River will boast 50. They will be lined up close to the street, so they can be enjoyed by passers-by. As days become shorter and shorter, they will be easy to observe while driving home from work.

A few guidelines need to be followed. The lights must be small LED. Light strings must be fastened tightly around the tree. Signs can be placed as long as they are at least 18 inches from the tree, and do not exceed 24 by 24 inches.

After December 4, clients of Life Skills in Rock Springs will judge the contest. They are only selecting one, so hopefully, the odds of winning will inspire the community to make their trees the most bright and shining!