AED device helps save Green River woman’s life



Tyler Johnson, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

GREEN RIVER, WYOMING (November 11, 2020) — Automated External Defibrillator’s (AED) were recently placed in all Green River Police Department vehicles and on Nov. 9, the device helped save the life of a Green River woman.



Green River Officer Gary Frey responded to assist Castle Rock Ambulance with a woman who collapsed.  Officer Frey was the first person to arrive with an AED and was able to provide it to a nurse who was already on scene and performing CPR. The AED assisted in guiding when CPR was needed and identified when a heart rhythm was restored.

The patient was transported to the hospital where she continues to recover.

The AED carried by Officer Frey is one of 20 AED’s the police department received in September as part of a $4.2 million grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

The initiative is supplying approximately 1500 AED devices to law enforcement agencies throughout Wyoming in partnership with the Wyoming Emergency Medical Services Association. The AEDs are WIFI enabled and can provide information directly to hospital emergency rooms during a rescue.

Officers trained on the devices through online instruction, which ended in October. Chief Tom Jarvie says this initiative allows every patrol officer to have a device. Jarvie says the only cost the department will incur is replacement of batteries and any unused pads in 4 years. The Chief says the cost to the department if it purchased the devices would have been approximately $36,000.