All Aboard!! Passenger railway systems could be coming back to Southwest Wyoming

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Carly Eversole, [email protected]

Rock Springs, Wyoming – Regional advocacy organization All Aboard Northwest presented Rock Springs City officials with the potential plans for a passenger car rail system that would essentially connect Colorado to Oregon by way of Rock Springs yesterday at a meeting open to the public. Presenters Dan Bilka and Vice President Charlie Hamilton presented, in video form, the mission of their organization diving deeper into the logistics of achieving such a railway system in council chambers.

All Aboard Northwest focuses on building better transit opportunities throughout the northwest. Although it is understood there is no replacement as of now for automobiles, the hope is to make transportation to groups of people facing age constraints, disabilities, financial strain, weather limitations, or environmental concerns. In addition, access to medical care for people in more rural areas would also be possible.


Hamilton and Bilka spoke at length of the three E’s of adding a passenger railway to the area; Economics, Environment, and Equity. Adding a railway to the area, they explained brings traveler dollars to the city and promotes the growth of small businesses. Railway systems have a smaller impact on the environment through fewer emissions and less highway congestion and reduction of salmon die-off from tires. Equity in a region is also heightened as it brings opportunities to regions that because of location would not have access to those opportunities.

Currently, the federal government is offering nearly 66 billion dollars towards railway introduction in the new infrastructure act. Hamilton went on to explain he feels the cost of infrastructure repair, as well as new construction, would fall within this budgeted amount. Hamilton outlined the necessary steps the community would need to take if interested in incorporating a railway system, most of which involve becoming active in requesting input from State officials.