Anglesey Sentencing Continued


The sentencing date has been moved back for a Green River Police Officer who pleaded no contest in the death of a two-year-old boy.

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Jacob Rollen Anglesey, 35, is now set to appear before Judge Rick Lavery for a sentencing hearing on December 20th and 21st. The hearing was originally set to occur this week on November 28th and 29th.

The continuance comes after Anglesey’s Defense filed a Motion To Continue Sentencing on November 17, 2017. In the motion, the defense claims that the State of Wyoming had “numerous and serious discovery violations.” The motion requests the sentencing hearing to be continued so they may interview witnesses discovered after they subpoenaed and received documents.

In the State’s response, filed November 20, 2017, the prosecution denies the allegation of discovery violations. The State did not object to the Motion To Continue Sentencing.

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Anglesey’s sentencing will be argued—providing time for the defense and prosecution to detail what they believe to be an appropriate sentence and why.

Anglesey pleaded no contest to a charge of Voluntary Manslaughter on September 8, 2017. He is charged in the death of two-year-old Konnor Allen. The boy died in 2009 after suffering a head injury while in Anglesey’s care.

Anglesey was arrested in February of 2016 after he was indicted by a grand jury.

Anglesey faces a maximum prison sentence of 20 years imprisonment.