Area youth raises even more money for animal shelter


Photo collage courtesy of Green River Police Department Facebook page

(October 22, 2020) — This past summer, 10-year old Brennan Welch set up a lemonade stand with the earning made donated to the Green River and Rock Springs Animal Shelters. His initial efforts earned $400 for the shelters. According to a recent post on the Green River Police Department Facebook page, Brennan wasn’t done with his help.


This time Welch designed a painted custom bag which he auctioned off for $125. He used the earning to buy animal treats and supplies. According to the post, Brennan, his mother, brother, and a family friend recently delivered the items to the Green River Animal Shelter.

The GRPD post stated, “We at the GRPD are so appreciative of Brennan and his family for all of their generous donations and hard work. We wanted to show our appreciation to Brennan. Brennan was presented with a new hydration backpack. The pack was filled with some essential items to help him in his endeavors: a flag lapel pin, chap-stick, a fidget spinner (for those long days at the lemonade stand), some Jr Officer sticker badges, a GRPD bracelet, and of course, some candy. The Hydro-packs were purchased as part of an outstanding student award program, and we felt Brennan deserved that title.”