Barrasso And Enzi Release Statements on Trump’s Nominee For US Supreme Court


President Donald Trump has announced his nominee for the vacant US Supreme Court seat.  Judge Neil Gorsuch is Trump’s choice.  Gorsuch is a 49-year old federal appellate judge from Colorado.

Wyoming Senators John Barrasso and Mike Enzi both release statements regarding Trumps choice.

Barrasso; “Our next Supreme Court justice will make decisions that impact our country for generations. That’s why it’s important to confirm someone who will apply the law, not legislate from the bench.

“Judge Gorsuch is a mainstream nominee with an extensive and impressive judicial career. He has a record of fiercely defending religious freedoms. His experience with issues affecting the Rocky Mountain West will make him unique among his fellow justices. I look forward to a thorough confirmation process.”

Enzi; “Judge Neil Gorsuch is an admirable choice to be America’s next addition to the Supreme Court. His many years of dedication to the law and service to America’s judicial system clearly qualify him to serve on America’s highest court. His work itself speaks highly of his understanding of the Constitution and the values that we as Americans hold dear. I have met Judge Gorsuch and he has a lot of support from the legal community in Wyoming. As a westerner, he has a good understanding of the issues that matter to our state. He would be a qualified choice under any president.

“We already have seen activists mount a fill-in-the-blank anti-justice campaign even before they knew who the nominee was. Millions of Americans have seen enough of those antics and rejected them in November when they voted for a change in Washington. The presidential election was an opportunity for the American people to have a say in who chooses the next Supreme Court justice. My colleagues should remember that.”