Bill Busbice Jr. Makes Statement Following Poaching Convictions

Photo of Bill Busbice from Outdoor Channel and can be viewed at

Bill Busbice Jr., host of the show Wildgame Nation, has released an official statement following recent poaching convictions.

News broke on Monday that Busbice was sentenced for intentionally allowing an antlerless elk to go to waste and an additional charge of taking an elk without the proper license.

A statement reportedly from Bill Busbice appeared on son Matt Busbice’s verified public figure Facebook page Tuesday night.

In the statement, Busbice says the shot was accidental and describes the failure to report it as “horrible judgement.”

As of Tuesday, Busbice and his show were been suspended from the Outdoor Channel.

Below is the statement which appeared on Matt Busbice’s Facebook page Tuesday night:

Statement by Bill Busbice

Last October, I inadvertently shot a female calf elk while attempting to shoot a bull elk. To make matters worse, I left the scene and failed to report the incident to the warden. The failure to immediately notify the warden was horrible judgement on my part, and for that, I was fined, placed on probation, and lost my privilege to hunt.

To be clear, the shot was an accident, and while the failure to report my mistake was inexcusable, I have never and would never intentionally poach. This incident is not reflective of who I am as an outdoorsman. I have spent over 40 years speaking out against poaching and will continue to do everything I can to rebuild trust with the outdoor community.

I am deeply sorry for what I did and I am aware that I breached the trust of my fellow hunters in the process. I have accepted the consequences of my mistake and hope everyone will forgive my lapse in judgement.

Bill Busbice