BLM proposes wild horse gather in Wyoming’s White Mountain area


Wyo4News staff, [email protected] [PRESS RELEASE]

February 21, 2024 — The Bureau of Land Management invites input on a proposed wild horse gathering in southwest Wyoming’s White Mountain Herd Management Area.

The White Mountain HMA’s appropriate management level is 205-300 wild horses. BLM completed a population survey for the HMA in 2022 and found 549 wild horses present on the HMA at that time. Considering an estimated annual growth rate of 20%, the estimated number of wild horses within this HMA in 2024 is 791 animals.

Plans for the proposed gathering are available for review and comment on our ePlanning website. To submit input, click the “Participate Now” link in the left-hand margin of the page. You must submit all input by March 22, 2024.