Brandi Chubb and Sweet Water Perform During Live in the Lobby Thursday


Brandi Chubb and Sweet Water will perform during the Live in the Lobby Concert Series on Thursday at the Broadway Theater.


The concert series is designed to showcase local talent and feature small, traveling bands. The shows are held in the lobby of the Broadway Theater, so the setting is intimate and limited to just 50 tickets.

The series is co-sponsored by WyoRadio.

Brandi Chubb and Sweet Water take the stage at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 8th at the Broadway Theater, 618 Broadway in Rock Springs.

Tickets are available now at the Rock Springs Main Street/URA office (603 S Main Street) or the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce for just $5.

Chubb says this show features the smallest version of Sweet Water with only Chubb and Doug Garrick performing.

“Doug and I have been working on a way to be able to perform more small venue shows, which in the past I have had to turn down,” said Chubb.

Chubb says they have worked to create flexibility in which they can decide which instruments they will play for each show.

“I love this versatility,” said Chubb. “We can literally play anywhere with many members, no tracks, or just us with tracks, or if need be just me.”

Chubb said she is looking forward to the Live in the Lobby performance because it provides a chance for her to intimately sing rather than put on a big show. In addition, she knows her grandmother and other long-time fans will be there for support.

“I look forward to having a great time with friends, family and those around the community doing what I love,” said Chubb.

Brandi Chubb will appear on the Q96 Morning Show with Michel and JJ Thursday morning at about 7:20 a.m. on 96.5 FM.