Businesses Burglarized In Green River


At least four Green River businesses have been burglarized recently.

Loan Stop

Green River Police Public Information Officer Luke Benson said the American Legion, the Eagles, the Hitching Post, and the Embassy have all been broken into over the past few months.

In an email to the Green River Chamber of Commerce, Lieutenant Burke L. Morin said the Police Department believes these crimes may be connected to burglaries that have occurred in surrounding communities.

Businesses are encouraged to invest in security cameras and alarms and to ensure existing systems are properly functioning. In addition, Lt. Morin encourages businesses to post notices at the location stating that security cameras and/or alarms are installed. Morin stated in the email that a security camera or alarm would likely “pay for itself” if it prevents a burglar from entering the premises.

“Even if there is limited or no money in the business to be taken, the cost of repairing the damage caused by the burglars could be substantial,” said Morin.