Carbon Capture Inc. making plans to come to Sweetwater County


October 15, 2023 — Carbon Capture Inc. is ready to bring its climate technology to Sweetwater County. The company is a climate technology organization that makes modular Direct Air Capture DAC machines that connect to large containers, removing an abundance of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Meghan Kenny of Carbon Capture Inc. participated in the Sweetwater Economic Development Panel that was held last week, where she was able to answer questions regarding the company’s Project Bison and the organization’s plans.

Timeline of Construction:

Kenny stated that the timeline is dependent on permitting. The organization is pushing to be up and running by the end of 2025. She added that they are excited about being awarded a DAC Hub project back in August, which will hopefully be for federally funded DAC Hub projects in the U.S.

A feed study will start next January. Kenny expressed that they are hopeful this will allow the organization to come into Southwest Wyoming with a much bigger project at about 200,000 tons versus some of the smaller stages they originally planned.

Temporary and Permanent Employees:

Currently, Carbon Capture Inc. is projecting approximately 1,000 plus construction or temporary workers. Kenny stated this employment will happen over multiple years, maybe five to seven. As for permanent employees, the company is looking at around 100 workers for the first couple of years, with that number growing to 400 plus.

The Plan for Recruiting Employees:

Carbon Capture’s plan is to continue building relationships with the educational institutions they have been making strides with for the last year, including Western Wyoming Community College. Kenny shared that as part of the DAC Hub funding that will begin in January 2024, they will also build a Carbon management training program with Western Wyoming Community College.

Additionally, they hope to leverage many of the existing training programs, such as the manufacturing partnership that already exists at WWCC.

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Carbon Capture has tried to be intentional about community engagement, even in the early stages of their project. The organization was already engaging with some of the commissioners of Sweetwater County before developing an agreement with Frontier Carbon Solutions, which Kenny described as a “key part of the project.”

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